Add a spare gravel or road wheelset

Cover More Ground

An all-road bike needs to cover all roads

Every new Surveyor comes with your choice of a road or gravel wheelset. Don't want to chose just one? Why limit your riding when you can have them both?

Add a second wheelset of your choice and get the most out of your ride.

Cover More ground

Explore new roads

Why limit your range because of a single part? Your tires are the main thing that dictates where you can and can't go, so be ready for anything.

get riding faster

With tires, rotors and a cassette already installed, all you need to do is unscrew one set and screw on another. One tool. it's a two minute job.

no mess, no hassle

No one wants to swap tires when you want to swap terrain. Dealing with tire sealant is a mess and takes way too long. Just swap wheels.

4 products

4 products