Frank Gairdner

So, what does a guy with a Masters degree in Philosophy do when he graduates? He becomes an entrepreneur.

At the age of 25, Frank joined a clean tech start-up as its first employee, and at 28 started his first venture, TriggerTech, a technology company that developed and manufactured a patented mechanism for the sporting and hunting industry. It was one of the fastest growing Canadian companies in 2020. From there, he launched Carbon Marine, a Canadian manufacturer of luxury high-performance fully carbon fiber powerboats.

He was trained in carbon pre-preg production. His deep experience in starting companies and proven ability to launch commercial and OEM products internationally led him to create BRIDGE.

Mike Yakubowicz

Bike obsessed from the age of 15, Mike eventually becomes a a municipal lawyer with a Masters in Environmental Studies specializing in urban planning. His bike obsession proves too much, so what does he do next? Quits practicing law and opens one of the world’s most distinguished custom bicycle design studios, Blacksmith Cycle.

For over a decade, Mike has partnered with world-class brands from product ideation to launch, including being recognized by Campagnolo, Columbus and Silca at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

His passion lies at the intersection between art and technology. BRIDGE is the perfect place to put that into practice.

Two Paths One Bridge

Frank and Mike, BRIDGE’s founders, have followed different routes to end up in one place today...


Our desire to build a better bike started with building a better team. With over 80 years of combined experience working for major cycling brands on some of their ground breaking projects, our dedicated team of engineers means that we’re starting with a significant advantage.

Our team works collectively on every project, big and small. The details, the minutiae, and our pursuit of excellence is a BRIDGE affair.

P. Eng. | Lead Engineer
Thanos Drivas

We searched for an in-house engineer with a complex degree name. Here’s what we found in Thanos: Masters Degree in Applied Science with focus on Automated Manufacturing of Composite Material. He’s as smart as that title sounds and has been advancing the sporting goods industry since he graduated. He was the former Senior R&D Engineer at Cervélo, the Lead Engineer on VeloNews Award winning bike designs, and a patent inventor for Great Britain Aero Track Bike. He’s here to build not just a better bridge, but the best BRIDGE.

P. Eng. | Senior Engineer 
Richard Matthews

What happens when you ask an aerospace engineer to design a bike? You get one of the lightest, stiffest road racing frames on the market. Richard did that with the Cervélo R5ca. He also developed some of the most radical new bikes of the last 10 years, including the Cervelo P5X and the Lotus/Hope HbT. He has over 25 years of experience focused on product design and engineering, specializing in composite materials and structural design. A high performance leader, who has worked on everything from spacecraft to projectors. As we shoot for the moon, we’re glad he’s a part of our team, not theirs.

Composites Technician
Brandan Neto

A carbon Ninja? Is that really a thing? Let us introduce you to our BRIDGE team member, Brandan. Having worked at one of Canada's premier production shops, specializing in carbon fiber super car chassis and assembly, he joins us with a ton of laminating experience. His skills are essential to making our parts, iterating laminate schedules, and instilling the next level of professionalism in our processes. Like many of us, he's a tinkerer. He made his own printer with custom carbon components to make parts.

Lamination Specialist
Jones Idahosa

Jones is new to the world of carbon manufacturing, but has brought his artisan 
experience and attention to detail from when he was making custom resin poured furniture.  Among other things, Jones is a professional musician, having toured Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, before settling in Toronto... And if that’s not impressive enough, he’s also a trained Clinical Biologist. 

Inventory & Operations

Jason is one of the most experienced bike industry workers we know. He has been working in the industry for over three decades. From local shops and brands to internationally renowned companies, and everything from mountain bikes to road, and all things in-between.
As with all of us at BRIDGE, he is multi-talented and handles our inventory, bike builds, tracking and processes, as well as much of our customer service and sales.

Evert lamb

Over thirty. That's how many years Evert has been racing his bike. Twenty of those have also been spent in the cycling industry spanning retail, distribution, e-commerce and manufacturing. A design and marketing specialist by trade, he now turns his focus to growing the BRIDGE brand from the inside out and the outside in. What does that mean? We aren't really sure either (he made it up), but we know Evert is the best person for the job.