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Our philosophy is clear: we make the best possible carbon bike parts right here in Toronto. We control everything from initial design, manufacturing and materials, to obsessive quality control.

We think it’s the better way of doing things.

All-road Integrated Fork
All-road Integrated Fork

All-road Integrated Fork


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It’s one of the only carbon forks made in North America by some of the best in the industry. We believe a modern all-road fork needs to be stiff enough to handle the heaviest sprint, compliant enough to cruise through a rock garden, and engineered to a standard beyond others to keep weight low and durability high. The BRIDGE All-road fork exceeds the standards currently set by our industry.

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Few fork manufacturers are offering a round-steerer fully-integrated option to match with modern internally-routed frames, and even fewer are built in North America. 

We engineer a full front brake hose inside the frame and down the front of the steerer tube, exiting the fork leg right at the brake calliper.


Our fork is designed to give the rider the perfect amount of control on and off paved roads. Matched with our two rake options, your ride will feel nimble and quick, but also confident and stable. Industry standard for an All-Road fork has been 38 mm clearance, but we have increased that to 42 mm under ETRTO standards while keeping axle-to-crown height at the accepted 382.5 mm standard.


All of our carbon layups are highly engineered with top-end materials. Each piece of premium pre-preg carbon fiber is precisely placed to handle the necessary impact and load forces and provide the desired ride quality and performance characteristics. Our trade secret production methodology uses biodegradable mandrels that also allow for ease of laminating and part removal from the tool. 

Great care has been spent on our engineering and laminate scheduling, in-house and external testing, extensive rider feedback, and incredible attention to detail in production to create the world’s finest riding carbon bicycle fork.


With a fork, the emphasis on laminate for safety and performance is the highest priority. Our experienced in-house engineers have developed a proprietary ISO fork testing rig which has allowed us to go from design to fully functional and safe fork very quickly, with the data to support each improvement towards the final iteration. 

Our standards are to aim to create the very best possible: ideal ride quality mixed with race-quality stiffness where required. Only in-house testing and constant iterations to our carbon laminate process could come together to create the fork that we wanted to ride, and offer to the world.

engineered by us

Made for your frame

Finish your build or add some performance to your current bike.

The Details

All Road Integrated Fork Geometry
ST-Steer Tube DT-Bearing Diameter Top DB-Bearing Diameter Bottom FR-Front Rake AX-Axel AC-Axel to Crown
53mm 280mm (+/- 10mm) 1.125” 1.5” 53.1mm 12x100mm thru-axle 382.5mm
46mm 280mm (+/- 10mm) 1.125” 1.5” 45.9mm 12x100mm thru-axle 382.5mm

Cable routing: For internal systems (FSA, Pro, ENVE, Deda, etc.) entering frame down front of steerer tube
Max tire clearance: 700 x 40mm mm or 650 x 48mm
140mm to 160mm rotor compatibility
No fender mounts
Flat-mount disc brake only

• All-Road Integrated Fork
• Steerer Expansion Plug
• Robert Axle Project 12mm x 100mm thru-axle


We offer our forks unpainted to manufacturers and frame painters. If you are looking to add your own paint, send us a message to get more details.

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