Engineer like the big boys.
Craft like the artisans.


Design. Engineering. Manufacturing. Community. Under one roof.

We are building a product that has the attention to detail and hand-built nature of boutique brands with the dedicated professional engineering, design and production of the big brands. Doing this meant we needed to assemble an amazing team. And, create a facility to make it happen.

We know your bike from the inside-out.

Our framesets are built with premium pre-impregnated (pre-preg) carbon fibre. Our proprietary layup schedule optimizes strength, weight and comfort and our carbon fork has two unique rakes to maintain ride characteristics across all 5 sizes.

We custom form our own latex bladders to produce consistent quality parts and every pre-preg ply is precisely CNC cut on our Autometrix cutting table to maximize material usage and provide repetitive consistency. We wrap these plies around the bladder and insert the raw part into a tool that we mill in-house using our HAAS CNC. The tool with the raw part is then placed in our 50 ton heated press for precision curing.

This process can yield some of the highest quality hollow carbon fiber parts. The parts are then bonded with aeropspace grade epoxy and then prepped for paint.

Made local

Our Toronto base is a purpose built, 8,200 sq. ft. advanced composites production facility.

What does in-house mean to us?

We engineer from the ground up.
We cut our own tooling.
We design our laminate schedule.
We hand-lay our carbon fibre.
We finish and paint all bikes.
And we assemble and ship.
All from our Toronto facility.

facility setup video

If you are in the Toronto area, come visit us.