Customers, press and test riders have had some great experiences riding Surveyor so far. It has already travelled the world, taken on some of the roughest roads, smoothest tarmac, bigest climbs and nicest trails.

These are some of the reviews that it has received:

Jamie Delaney
Handles everything

I'm extremely stoked with my Bridge Surveyor. With the road wheels on, this bike just goes. Great for those long-haul rides where you want an equal measure of stiffness, compliance, and comfort. Yet, if you're just out for a short quick rip, it's nimble (not twitchy) and a supreme powerhouse converting every watt of power you've got in your legs to give.

The Surveyor's got all the stiffness when you want to hammer up hills or on sprints, but still has all the compliance you'll need to feel comfortable and in control on the roughest of terrain. With the gravel wheels on it handles tricky singletrack trails with lively confidence and just begs to be ridden harder. Loose gravel road descents almost seem like you're on a dialed-in hardtail mountain bike, allowing you to just GO! That may sound like a bit of a stretch, but I'm amazed at how stable this bike feels on a lot of rough terrain at any speed. It just goes where you ask it to go with steady assuredness. The Surveyor's compliance really shines through riding chattery gravel roads for hours on end. This is undeniably a plush feeling 'road bike'.

Max Koeune
Compares with the best

"So this morning was interesting: I did Crestwood repeats on my S-Works Tarmac and then took the Surveyor to ride to the office so had direct comparison with what was, until now, the best bike I have ever been on. The Surveyor compares VERY well with the S-Works in being also extremely smooth, very responsive to acceleration. Have not yet tested cornering at higher speed but so far it’s phenomenal..."

Ben Salvador-Watts
Carbon Convert

"I've been riding metal bikes for the past 10 years for comfort and ride quality. The Surveyor choice was about loyalty and friendship, but has turned into a love and respect for handmade carbon. The ride is peppy and beautifully stiff while not sacrificing compliance for those of us who want to be comfortable on the bike. While I don't know if there is truly an n+1 killer, the Surveyor has the lines and ride to bring you back every time and delivers smiles on the toughest grinds. Not to mention was built by the best team in the business."

Don Corbett
A dream to ride

"Feels like I am riding on a cirrus cloud. I strongly suspect the Surveyor has a hidden motor? Is its Bridgeworks carbon fiber excellently designed and crafted frame some magnetic tech marvel that uses the earth's magnetic properties to resist air resistance and float upon its undulating surface ? Perhaps a hovercraft? A real joy to mount my boney ass upon. Want to ride this moving comfort all day!! Can't believe that 65 PSI on 28s glides exceptionally well and takes out the many bumps I encounter here in perpetual pot hole Parry Sound. The sculptured high tech frame has a major role in this comfort. At first I was just going to hang it on the wall and declare it a piece of modern sculpture, but its special substance begged/just had to be utilized. At age 69 with five stents and micro arterial disease, I still feel frisky whilst navigating this magic machine that has BRIDGED the gap from the deep chasm of sluggishness that my other bikes have had ( Marinoni excepted) to reach a perfect sublime plane of pleasant, ethereal just darn smooth Zen infused riding. I knew from the get go that Frank could pull his dream off...and he REALLY REALLY REALLY DID DO IT!!!!"

"It was awesome. Such a great ride. Climbs like a bird. Descends like a stone. Loved it."

"Excellent, that bike just keeps getting better."

"Not going to lie, still buzzing from the first ride today. Felt really good."

"Bike rides super good, stiff but comfortable, very responsive to any input but not twitchy like some bikes are."

"Surveyor has a certain personality. It gives you confidence and lets you know it's got your back."


Our global network of dealers are building up Surveyors for their customers.

This is what they have to say so far:

Bike Cycles


"Built up our first [BRIDGE] today. The bottom bracket went in smoother than any metal one I’ve built…BRIDGE Bike Works definitely raising the bar."



"Just finished up our first BRIDGE Surveyor. These frames are made in Canada. Super clean inside and out. Molded carbon T47 threads. Very impressed with the build quality and attention to detail."

Blacksmith Cycle


"Since we have had a Surveyor in our shop, we have been getting new customers coming in just to see it. Word got out pretty quick. It really is a sight to see and a great talking point up on our wall of frames."