Engineered and built entirely in Canada, the creation of Surveyor is a testament to aiming for the very best.

We looked at the needs of modern road and gravel riders and created a bike perfect for 90% of the riding most of us do. An N+1 destroyer. Not a hardcore gravel bike, not a dedicated crit racer, but incredible for everything in between.

You could legitimately win a grand tour on a Surveyor. But you could also win Unbound on a Surveyor. That’s what we set out to accomplish. A bike that excels on 28-40 mm rubber.

(Oh, and the “perfect” chainstay length? 417 mm. Tight enough for road racing, but long enough to house a 700x40 mm tire).

• Proprietary frame and fork, designed in unison to excel on any surface
• Clearance for up to 40mm tires
• Weight and stiffness of a modern road bike, with leading comfort and tire clearance in the category
• Agile handling with its tight wheelbase and industry-unique chainstay length
• Geometry designed for all-roads with lower BB drop and sloping top tube
• Massive tire clearance without compromises in geometry or aesthetics - no dropped chainstays or seatstays
• Internal cable routing: with 1x and 2x electronic options and 1x mechanical options (exterior routing possible)
• BRIDGE round seat collar and front-derailleur clamp for simplicity and durability
• T47-86 bottom bracket for industry-leading stiffness and reliability
• 12x100 and 12x142 axles with UDH hanger system
• Engineered and built entirely in Canada, the creation of Surveyor is a testament to aiming for the very best


It’s (almost) all about the seat-tube! We started with a sloped top tube (8-10 degrees) which allows for more seatpost exposure and thus more compliance. After much engineering and analysis we chose to use a round seat-tube for a 27.2 seatpost: it is lighter, more durable, but more than anything, it is MORE COMFORTABLE.

The downtube is around 60mm in diameter, creating monstrous power transfer. Up front, the proprietary fork with tapered steerer was designed to rail without beating you up. Plus, there are near limitless cockpit combinations that you can choose based on your preferences.

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We promise. For most riding, from neglected Canadian roads to light gravel and dirt, a 30-35 mm tire is pretty much perfect. So we kept it simple, we designed a race bike that will take massive tires. Up to 40 mm... officially. Wink.

At ~900 grams (no fork or paint) it is close to best in class for the all-road category. Because the Surveyor is handmade to incredibly high standards and quality controlled at every step - achieving light weights without sacrificing durability is a reality.

Why be slower if you don’t have to? We don’t give up comfort for our aerodynamics, especially since frontal aero is the key. 
• Fully internal cable routing
• Wider fork stance for aerodynamics with bigger tires
• D shaped downtube
• Proprietary fork for ideal fork-to-frame transition
• Stack and reach within 5% of most race bikes 


We are here to help you build your perfect Surveyor. Check for available times below, or use the chat button now.







Bridge’s debut model is an all-road bike designed to perform when you demand it and tackles multi-surface terrain with confidence, comfort, and speed. It is for the rider that wants versatility – play hard, ride hard, and push the limits of road and gravel.

Size 51 Size 53 Size 55 Size 57 Size 59
S-Stack 510 539 568 596 625
R-Reach 376 383 391 398 405
VTT-Virtual Top Tube 512.7 527.4 548.5 568.9 584.2
HT-Headtube 90.1 119.7 145.3 173.6 203
HA-Head Angle 71° 71.3° 72.5° 72.8° 73°
SA-Seat Angle 74° 74° 73.5° 73° 73°
BBD-BB Drop 80 80 78 78 78
WB-Wheelbase 989.47 1004.14 1003.26 1016.55 1029.87
FC-Front-Center 585.7 600.2 598.7 611.9 625.12
F-Fork A-C 382.5 382.5 382.5 382.5 382.5
FR-Fork Rake 53.1 53.1 45.9 45.9 45.9
T-Trail* 65.5 63.9 63.3 63.3 60
CS-Chain Stay Length 417 417 417 417 417
SL-TT Slope 10° 10°
ST-Seat Tube C-T 459.4 487 532.2 559.8 587.9

* Trail is calculated around a 38mm tire.
* Wheelbase and Front-Center measurements are non-linear due to the use of size specific forks.