Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade
Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade
Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade
Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade
Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade
Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade

Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive - Upgrade


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This will upgrade your Fizik Argo R5 to Fizik Argo R1 Adaptive. You will not receive both.

This discounted price reflects the retail value of this product minus the retail value of the item you are upgrading. This item is not for retail sale and is only intended to be sold as an upgrade to a Surveyor purchase. All other purchases will be cancelled.

An advanced 3D-printed bike saddle with a versatile short-nosed design

The evolution of digital 3D printing has allowed Fizik to develop a new saddle without the constraints or limitations imposed by traditional production methods and materials. The Adaptive saddle padding is crafted by Carbon using their revolutionary Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process which uses digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish.
Using Carbon technology, biomechanics and engineers have an unprecedented possibility: to design and manufacture multiple functional zones within the saddle, tuning each of them separately for specific mechanical properties. Each of these key functional zones is engineered for a distinctive cushioning and mechanical response, joined together progressively and seamlessly in the same padding. The result? A 60% reduction in peak pressure through improved weight distribution for increased comfort across the entire saddle surface.
Fizik’s most versatile saddle shape, Argo is at home on a variety of bike and surface types. Whether rolling on smooth tarmac or navigating technical terrain, Argo is engineered to help riders find a better posture, putting them in a more planted position for greater stability and improved weight distribution. Additionally, the shorter, drop-nose design provides superior support when adopting a powerful, aerodynamic pedaling position.

• Adaptive: Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ 3D-printing technology, offering seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning
• Argo: versatile short-nosed saddle that encourages stability and relieves pressure on soft tissue
• R1: A combination of a ride-compliant, carbon-reinforced nylon shell and a highly stiff carbon rail
• Length: 265 mm
• Height at 75 mm width: 45.5 mm
• Length from nose to 75mm width: 114 mm
• Rail: 10x7 mm