We are pleased to announce, we have created ten complete Surveyor build options, available now.

When we first launched Bridge, the landscape of the cycling industry was much different. We didn't know if there were going to be components available, which brands were going to be able to ship, or really, which ones would survive the pandemic.

Now with that behind us, and supply levels having returned (mostly) back to normal, we are able to select the parts and components we feel best match Surveyor, and what adds the most value to the bikes.

Surveyor comes in All-Road builds (road gearing and tires) or gravel builds (gearing with a bigger range and larger, treaded tires). They are all available in five sizes (51cm, 53cm, 55cm, 57cm & 59cm) and five colours (Aged Rosé, Ocean Sky, Grey Flannel, Deep Sand & Dried Sage).

We have 4 Shimano equipped bikes (Dura-Ace and Ultegra) and 6 SRAM bikes (Red, Force and Rival). 

We are proud to stock every complete Surveyor with carbon wheels, a carbon seat post and aero-shaped handle bars.

Learn more and see the models here.