Integrally Threaded Carbon Bottom Bracket

Integrally Threaded Carbon Bottom Bracket

Through a complex laminating and molding procedure we have been able to produce molded threads into our bottom brackets. This means no more BB sleeve with threads, saving weight and avoiding any misalignment. This leads to perfect concentricity and axle alignment, in combination with lightening the area. Above all, gone are the days of a creaking BB!
We chose to use the standard T47-86 bottom bracket in our Surveyor frames, but this technology can be applied to any threads on the bike, including other standard bottom brackets.​

Carbon Threaded Bottom Bracket 01
Carbon Threaded Bottom Bracket 02
Carbon Threaded Bottom Bracket 03 Carbon Threaded Bottom Bracket 04


Integrally threaded carbon bottom brackets are fundamentally part of the frame. Most of the time, you would have to bond a heavy aluminum shell into the carbon, using lots of adhesive and ensuring alignment. Combining the threads and the frame cuts out the majority of the materials, saving upwards of 100g.


With the threads being molded to shape, the BB is perfectly aligned out of the tool with no extra steps to ensure concentricity for the perfect threaded fit. No creaking, means a more enjoyable and confident ride, for the life of the bearings.


Carbon is conductive and can react with alloys or other materials to create corrosion. We’ve eliminated the metal component and are also coating our threads with Cerakote ceramic, creating an incredibly robust barrier between the carbon frame and bearing cups.


Traditionally, you would bond threads into the frame. We eliminated those parts and processes. This means there is less that can go wrong down the road and ensures your bike will ride better for longer. As an added bonus, the threads have dirt collecting properties that prevent any debris from making its way into your BB and saves the threads and bearings for a longer lifespan.

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