Not just paint
Ceramic coated

We are going above and beyond industry standard and utilizing Cerakote ceramic coating on every fork we produce. Cerakote is the leader in thin film ceramic and not only provides a strong and durable finish, it is also very light weight and will not fade over time. That means your fork will look just as good years down the road as it does the first day it was installed.


Cerakote is so thin that we can coat your entire frame and fork with it. When most companies have to leave bare carbon in some areas to prevent paint build-up, we actually coat those areas to provide more protection for the carbon beneath.


When most paint can weigh upwards of 200g, Cerakote comes in at around 50g. Our tests show that we actually remove more weight in prepping the frame (cutting and sanding) than we add back on with our colour.


Ceramic is much stronger than other typical bike paints. This is especially important when riding roads with loose surfaces such as gravel, when your wheels can kick up sand and pebbles. Your frame and fork will be as protected as possible and remain looking like new for longer.



We are Certified Cerakote Applicators. We were trained by Cerakote's head trainer and sucessfully completed the certification course. All frames and forks are guaranteed to be free of defects in the coating process.


We have partnered wth the best custom painters around. In partnership with our community of dealers, you can get the paintjob of you dreams.


Each Surveyor is made to order and coated with your chosen colour. Choose from a variety of component options and build you N+1 killer.

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